Palm Jumeirah House Interior

Classical fusion, facing the water, the owner’s wanted a fancy house not a beach house, paint effects or the walls was applied not to leave the walls white naked, wall paper at black lacquered furniture made to taste.

As you enter the Villa, the smell of amber incense welcomes you to gentle candles burning on a revised Louis XV chest of drawer, under a golden ceiling with artistically gold painted Alcones. Luxury takes you thru by the hand.
Mayda golds color, plays with fabrics, materials and forms to create furniture pieces that are different and exceptional.

Jadis Interiors mission is to create timeless welcoming atmospheres working on volumes, proportions, surfaces and light, gives a spirit to an inert object, creating furniture pieces customized to the particular spare and for the project.

The décor tailored becomes the pure mirrors of the personality of the owner.

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