Magda Nahas .  Interior Designer

What distinguishes Magda is her talent and sensitivity to read and understand the aspiration of each client. She has a unique talent for creating an innovative concept for every new project. Strengthened by her professional expertise and pursuit for new challenges, Magda’s quest for perfection, as well as her attention to details and refinement, has turned JADIS into one of the Middle East´s most notable references in tailor made interiors.

Throughout her travels to Morocco, India, South America, France, Italy, and all the rich contextual inspiration she has come across in the Middle East, she has acquired a rare and unique taste for beautiful colors and designs. From her childhood memories, influenced by the textiles at her father’s atelier, she developed a passion for beautiful fabrics. Magda designs furniture using color scheme combinations that are likened to an artist painting on canvas.

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To make an appointment to plan a home fit out in Dubai, please call the JADIS Interiors office on +971 4 3474233 or you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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