Very Elegant designed Sofa by Jadis interiors, Magda creates harmonious worldly ambiance with no pretention using the best materials where form itself is function.
»It is a pleasure working in this office from home« says the home owner, in fact it is comfortable, neat and masculine.
Sleek Dining Table and chairs, produced in our workshop, the mirror and other accessories are from our Courtyard Gallery.
Comfortable, elegant, convivial, this is where the family gathers and spends most of their time. Magda's concept worked around the home owner needs.
Revisited contemporary majlis for the young ones
Essential Comfort, contemporary design, serene ambiance, no clutter ready to sleep feeling.
Exclusive Bathroom Design
The Bathroom is a statement, induce candles and flowers into this ambiance and sink in the warm tub after a long day.
Oriental Majlis
Walnut furniture with encrusted pearl and bone in a floral motif, the wall was painted with an arabesque motif.


Jadis Interiors, a premier interior design firm located in Dubai, proudly boasts over 21 years of regional expertise. Renowned for creating innovative and luxurious interiors, we showcase unique custom-made furniture, including a vast selection of chairs from New Classic Furniture. In partnership with Solomia Home, known for their elegant and distinctive styling, we offer an even broader range of design options. We take pride in our strong reputation, which stems from our core values: providing attentive dedication and design excellence to each client. Our notable luxury interiors include beachfront villas in the Palm Jumeirah, JL Jumeirah Apartments, The Royal Terminal in Riyadh, and several Index Apartments, each reflecting unique, contemporary modern designs enhanced by the refined touch of Solomia Home.

A interior designer with offices in Dubai and Miami, as well as in the United Arab Emirates. Expertise in high-end commercial and residential projects, as well as contemporary ones - Antonovich Design (Fit Out Company in Dubai).

Jadis Interiors is premier interior design company in Dubai. We have produced most creative & luxury interior design masterpieces and aspiring furniture designs over 17 years. We have built 9 star reputation from our dedication and hard work for our clients. Reflecting our luxury interior work for Palm Jumeirah Interiors, JL Jumeirah Apartments, Royal Terminal Riyadh or Index Apartments narrating the brilliant modern ideas, all unique interior design that we produce becomes the class.

We’ve achieved the landmark of best interior designer in Dubai, it reflects our professionalism, passion for creativity and premier edge that we deliver for our interior design projects. You will love our vision, concept, innovation & our unique luxury interior & exterior style that we’re famous for. We truely realize the importance of each project, indulging the taste of urban landscaping, furniture design, interior design essentials with our great professional architectural team.

We believe in the elegance of luxury interior design in Dubai, we deliver all our landcapes through the best Inspiration from multiple cultures, where style and comfort are designed together to build a masterpiece. Our luxury interior work can only be achieved by the best interior designer in Dubai.

We’re known for stunning interior designs in Dubai, modern day furniture styles & architectural masterpieces by Jadis Interiors. Our craftsmanship is 100% professional with unique luxury style of each homeowner.

Jadis Interiors is the pioneer in interior design industry in Dubai with the highest standard of luxury interior design styles combines with perfect architecture, unique, and individual narrative concept and the use of materials, design and manufacturing techniques in an effort to obtain aesthetic quality for our beloved clients.

Welcome to our website. Here you can explore our portfolio of work, learn more about why JADIS is the finest interior designer Dubai wide, and contact us regarding your own project.

Nothing is truly elegant but what unites use with beauty

This quote is taken from an 18th century play by Oliver Goldsmith expressing an eternal principle of design.

At JADIS Interiors we derive our Inspiration from multiple cultures and infuse our Design with warmth, sophistication in all genres from Classical to Contemparaty.

JADIS strives to craft a unique, and individual narrative concept for each project, with the objective of appealing to both the eye and the individual. We create stunning interiors Dubai wide that really represent the unique style of each homeowner.

The color scheme creates the mood, it is the pallet of the home interior designer. The foundation of interior design in Dubai here at JADIS is based on creating designer furnishing and home decor solutions to discerning home makers needs.

A distinctive feature in our custom made furniture is the continual evolution in use of materials, design and manufacturing techniques in an effort to obtain aesthetic quality coupled with satisfying the newest and most recent trends in custom made furniture.

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